Raise your glass and enjoy Louisville pure tap®, provided by Louisville Water. 

Where can you find it?  Turn on any faucet or fountain in Louisville.

Louisville’s drinking water is a premium product, enjoyed by thousands of people every day.We’ll even help you serve Louisville pure tap® with a cup, reusable bottle, cooler or water pitcher.




2016 is just around the corner so make a New Years resolution to drink more pure tap! Drinking water provides many health benefits including: raising your energy levels, promoting healthy skin, helping you lose weight, promoting a healthy heart, and many more. An easy way to increase the amount of water you drink a day is to drink a glass as soon as you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed. Carrying around a reusable water bottle is also a good reminder to drink more water throughout the day and helps you track how much you have had to drink.