Raise your glass and enjoy Louisville pure tap®, provided by Louisville Water. 

Where can you find it?  Turn on any faucet or fountain in Louisville.

Louisville’s drinking water is a premium product, enjoyed by thousands of people every day.We’ll even help you serve Louisville pure tap® with a cup, reusable bottle, cooler or water pitcher.


Last week, we opened the Gate House to the public and kicked off Walking Wednesdays! After a long period of renovations, the Gate House is ready to be open (and might we add that it is gorgeous?!). A large crowd of guests trickled in throughout the evening to enjoy a walk around the Gate House, learn about the water company and the history of the Gate house. Even Mayor Fischer made an appearance! On behalf of the Louisville Water Company, thank you to all those who were able to make it out for the Open House. Look for information on the next Walking Wednesday, June 10th.